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the show the sea. eye the new gi one. supporters of the ofsted islamist president by how much more to help continue the brownies against the constitutional referendum result in classes to secure or two trips on the streets of it it's insidious official reports like what people were injured at least one week it would join them on the clock sits between two tortillas forces of protesters on the stock comes on at the palms the police presence across the tip has been a highlight in previous studies in order to protect fund to some
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polling sites in jordan but to dive referendum on the new constitute some of the final count is expected at the weekend. the new constitution is expected to be appraised the gt was in the ousting of mostly lost to like. president barack obama us bombed us eavesdropping on friendly foreign made this puts an end to the my stalwart all fine guide to the tightening reforms to the max dosage or tag to take triggered by the red lights and some for my and it's like on top at what's not and he reassured by the american and foreigners alike that the intellect its ties with the victim and respectful of individually previously gone to but i'll try to stop settlements a guide on statins damaging disclosures revealing stories of millions of civilians by michael was on the monitoring of at least thirty four twelve eight this the most controversial cuts but the rather likes to be an i had bought jam and taunts the anglo american self uncle since two thousand to about the prospective us intelligence site to taste with now only use the pulp like stuff like stop
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the fighting terrorism protecting us treats and combos and crawling . i knew the routine use of june more i did. to do it. the eu the er. i love. i know
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the us. winners. poor eye i dispute between india and has blamed the calling them hypocrites for the disapproval of settlement construction in india is a near was triggered by the eu summit of israel's envoys in london paris rome and madrid to object to the jewish its announcement of the construction of fourteen hundred housing units be on the pre nineteen sixty seven lines. the eu. called new ambassadors are ambassadors to the view were not called in. because of this the construction of a few of those. when the eu call in the palestinian ambassador to complain about the incitement of calls for israel's destruction. in
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the eyes says the news lately to sell the constructions as peace obstacles is bogus. it is little to go to school. it goes into effect in june here on this land we would warn everyone. an ethnically cleanse the state. they want to welcome table. i don't think that's going to produce these women point of fact most of it. you know most of the so also be receiving the arab in clusters and we don't use on humans we have another them for my first woman prime minister in twenty years ago. this imposes an existing communities. doesn't change them up one iota so i think this is. bull was planned but that doesn't stop it from being hurled at us and quite right and we are constantly criticize from it. and i think. this is. people critical. nixon yet he went on to say the tuc imbalance
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pushes piece away rather than promote its use is it tells the palestinians that they can engage in excitement and terror cannot be held accountable. the prime minister stressed that israel's concern is not only to ensure the security of the perimeter of a future palestinian state but also to guarantee that the palestinians did not have the capabilities to make homemade weapons they can be used against israel netanyahu says there'll be no peace to these issues are not addressed chuck investigators have discovered exploits that of the palestinian embassy complex in prague. following an investigation into the death of the palestinian abbotsford up he was killed in a mysterious explosion triggered by conducting this site earlier this month. just nice a guy palestinian officials attempted to mend every city for bright lights and six with a tap or a apology on since the initial discovery of packs of twelve eighty km to firearms including holds a massive role in full was double silent when the investigation
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begun. in a recent interview the deputy palestinian foreign minister said that the weapons with a license or given to the embassy as gifts i don't like to buy the college ball but the plot thickens but disliked his discovery . the israeli army said it prevented a major disaster when he intercepted five repeats by the ashkelon from the gaza strip on thursday. no group has taken responsibility for firing the rockets which he shot down by the un to my anti missile shield of the exco a coastal city about seven miles north of gaza the knights would have meant that damages us. five updates will follow the point is that civilians. the sentosa to boston. we don't go in for to the senate doesn't it five of the five or six. a
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seventy run stand. it's a pittance is unacceptable. we settled on defense. i hate it blessing of allah. it's double events and often intense. was this distance business. she responded with a series of strikes on the causes that israel says it holds these business group hamas which has ruled the palestinian enclave sixty thousand said the response to the cops pulled the rope to find a few days notice in the rookie by a talking to the funeral of former prime minister ariel sharon that actually cause of the much bigger this is his will conduct additional nietzsche campaign called operation of defense against the gaza strip in november two thousand and twelve. aye aye execute authorities have been struggling to hold on until it's smooth taken over much of the wall the southwestern states
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the vigilantes course they refer to themselves to self defense groups rose up to challenge the powerful drug cartels that have weapons patrol it in matching t shirts. they say they won't stop until cartel leaders are brought to justice a move that ignores the wishes of the government says federal forces have been unsuccessful and the kitty controllable of the region with the government's apparent inability to take care of business the vigilantes are taking matters into their own hands and it appears that they have been more successful than the government's with residents saying they feel more protected by the presence has its perks and out of control over the taking third in the states. several dozen clash between vigilante groups of soldiers to disarm groups these clashes in angered supporters of the self defense groups with some accusing the government to sign to curtail the number of deaths in the ditch bid to curtail conflict is unknown but the state's home side to do the job more than one hundred watts in september mexican politicians are now getting around to admitting
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the seriousness of the problem with one senator saying the current situation is becoming a problem with national security at least sixty mah like going to pop by for the four different except rights astonishing life men adopt from a rough cut some three hundred mark with some stops the heart of the top of previously attempted to jump the border and some firewood during the second toy at least sixty was successful. upon certain fortunate enough that immigrants quickly discussed running in all directions both are teachable analysis like i could at least twenty some of the dentist i didn't read some jumping the fatwa whistle isotope columbus the front of our trip africans despite the public's be employed and in awe of the guy likes you or up last year two thousand eight hundred and four when immigrants cross from africa to this punishment flights in september some three hundred africa mali quick storm them in a double adopt a hundred of them was successful migrants to mind is just out of the friends of ip on the guards on patrol with
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more than likely attend the treacherous one hundred ninety km bike tonight he took a minute i eye. loom the major bridges to the autumn of suspense as time itself out the sunset was something of a storm. it all began in december. still confirmed it had allowed the most lamentable of checkout staff to refuse to sell customer alcohol the members stand stakes and the little colt was a gangster religious beliefs. i miss confirm this was the policy. when asked by tuesday's paper. if this would extend to allowing a jewish employee to refuse to humble safety problems or pink products. boxes and seven. sigh guess. he added that with regard to do stuff he did not wish to sell meat and milk together a decision will be made on a case by case basis. the state said
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with the chemo is that some of our employees practice of religion is the restrictive food or drink take a tumble all the mean they can all look at certain times. this provides an environment free from discrimination and say what specific requests a mate you always make reasonable adjustments to accommodate them. this was the response from shoppers in london. i feel that. it was a problem like this and the nsc give you any candidates for jobs in the us told they should say to them. is that any item in our school the eu would refuse to have on grounds of you are eating his beliefs because if so then we are not willing to employ you today has been in the country as he has to abide by it. then launched into tissues. send someone in this country that has to say i didn't know much about the final points of
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the jewish milk than meets the road. it's friday i calmed him actually but they would extend to get them into an optional football it's up to touch a single new to science by. i think the nameplate has arrived said. two of the culture into lives that their beliefs in an audience of luck the policy also included issued response online many jewish people pointed out that they would come out to the main problem with tumbling package pool products. the story is also excludes differences between supermarkets can have that knowledge with his religious beliefs. lionel richie supermarket sainsbury's has issued on its eighteen there is another reason why staff do not think our whole wheat pool for religious reasons should not handle them meanwhile supermarket giant tesco has stated that it makes no sense to employ staff on until you refuse to touch so the license for religious reasons. dennis has more than seven hundred stores in britain a naval adopted the policy
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christine's you do not wish to work on sunday i'm really just cheesy cheese onto a course on today's oral keys to flow more easily and after the social media by last month's suspense that kid it's a slightly backtrack they said that the muslim member of staff involved in the initial incident should have been found the seeds will grow into place old bakery departments instead of a motel where she could be expected to sell alcohol. is that a bound for san juan. in central london. as i i i potentially making life easier by my maturing glucose levels in tears and transmitting them to handheld devices knew he unveiled plans could repeat millions of people with diabetes protecting their finger several times a day to trump mind to a close watch and
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they're glad to hear. i just think i was consuming the contact lenses were developed during the past eighteen months in the get go x time they have a microscope agreed to censor a while its tenth year the content warning signals if need be and look like typical answers that don't add to your vision because the lion a tiger pupil and iran. this prototype looks and feels that the regular soft contact lens but inside of it we have a tiny tip and a minister is good for sensitive that allows us to continually monitor to glucose levels. research and the prototype places began several years earlier the university of washington will take a least five years to reach consumers. we're still really early on were confident about how the technology is going so far but this hits a minor work with the students into mensa or actively looking for partners to help with so with the next phases of the project. school officials declined to say how many people work in the project or how much the firm has invested in it. the hsbc has
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launched a new two year exhibit called sights and sounds. it features the work of video and film artists from around the world. as far away as afghanistan and new zealand. their works were selected by twenty five international curators. what were doing with this series is taking a mentor and global and holistic approach here illegally present contemporary art here at the meeting and said the works. iron and clay and later in the next day to change culture. but the tykes broadly on teams that we've identified as being very important to jewish culture and to the jewish experience in general. and ironically universal in scope. the first down they share a day at a shrine that had been hand me
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that it is stamps. and you see it and the lady that cheyenne and it goes out into flames and it today and just did that all the very beautiful so that when he catches the eye and say get it. and he shines in burning incense. i made a traditional markets in him because culture. we the people pakistan today is a perfunctory nature. it's sth the media in the theory that and the artist is a common theme that time. he died that day cambodian government has been accruing interest in leaks that iron. in that area and putting people into the air they didn't in the lake some of the character a paedophile or theme. so then i stand to can and will be developed on instead i have had. god used everything you said makes dissolved in water and pour
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sand and his outs that third down a minute where the artist has accused updated my aunt's death metal sphere that he had kept himself and he documents his journey from the ancient capital and it had been a capital of cambodia. and this has to sell the plants and fiji in its period comment on it. the pt status experience of the iron integration for people everywhere. for a baby and we even boring due to the traditional classical cambodian dance and me and had to re imagine a really beautiful lately. modern day contemporary technology and design and animation for example. i think everybody will have their own different person on reactions to it but that's what i think is still one of the stones are so
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universal in their scope that everybody well. was he simply need different thing. they don't say oh. a chance here for people's few opinions about the new hands you a discount very needy and if there are stupid is that they didn't exist. upcoming presentations and twenty fourteen will feature artists from brazil with amy and her room. the series wraps up in twenty sixteen that the conference and a publication that will feature discussions with the artist as well as essays about their work. this is at the door for jane won in new york. tests thus some of the most restless nights and on what including priyanka chopra daniel cook hopes of a ride to new york as part of the promotional tool leading up to the fifteen new leaf a
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week and on towards the price of crude to win the crown of the indian film industries i'm rather excited that the knife is coming to the misdeeds of the chosen path. i've been. a performance in sentence and said really. it's a spectacular show and since that is the one show that that digs in the movie industry to its fans. if the traveling gnome at a caravan. the movie industry because we have such an incredible audience over the world. in our movies and not just restricted to india so i'm siting of the lakewood idea and it says something that i've seen of any of it anyway as it's late besides being completely nomadic it is beside the cop is slated to come so fast. at the oscars together the second wives and mine was the weekend of people hanging around in. and just to find some unexpected. mom
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explode from one of india's biggest stars but the music and film was expected to bring the bollywood experience to be in alex's lights. remove the pins coming to america. i'm hoping that that you know of people who don't know about his grandma. get taxi experience the magic of it that is if people realize it it's not just a movie it's not just it's a phenomena. dancing music artists like them marty downstairs the shifting of the new look like for a weekend on the wall which was to take place in tampa florida where it will make its americans died in two thousand fort st is expected to bring tremendous benefits and opportunities to the region but the media late and in the future. i know coco who respects not how solid the woe to only what race row as the guy in china highest in the oscar award winning slumdog millionaire. there was ever is not balanced time of night the broad decision to attend and to walk you i've been the usual people
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one will. that puts it i believe in that. cambodia is a patch of ice. so liz the fossil digs the footsteps and i get full marks. this was very brave very intelligent very sensible brady of the wealth and business decision for them. previous always awake and some are trying to divest thirty thousand visitors generate in upwards of twenty thousand ring the likes being utilized generates another thirty million dollars in the form of economic impact to the hunts destination. aye aye . some might say today because others might believe it's art imitating life that fact is that both israel and palestinian story shows as they are presented to the oscars this year a movie based on the same story about the relationship between
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the palestinian collaborators and is israel the operator at the intelligence services when the academy publish its short list of movies for the foreign language category he chose to advance the palestinian movie omar and ideas really want that just before the pasta nominations are announced this week we wanted to find out from movie critics from the israeli and palestinian side. how come the palestinian movie resonated with the academy members. and of those who manages to tell the cinema takes as it was very natural for him to scream. omar and his facilities. it's just unreal showing the idea of what suits you. the new year to seven years ago they listen to all the tools the cool missiles success in our home. he's the same school in. in seoul. i was in the vote in the mills himalayas. to create an almost new and often become leaks from the ceiling
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tanner i have seen motive was. these fees. the cold chill extended to two tonnes of israel jessica stein but explains that held the story is told is what makes each of the two movies uni. i am a story about a. assume that six or so to speak and his collaborator who he has brought out butts and friends from youth and their links between them and feels very close to an end and feel very emotional about it which is what ultimately. it really takes and an uncertain path in the movie store the fault of course is in some ways more isn't really because the main character is a jewish israeli where the other characters are palestinians in the same perspective. oh my it is. i'm a sahm to one hundred percent it's housed in and of course starts on the israeli jewish characters as well. mr is about omar who is being groomed to the heat. they are trying to groom them to become a collaborator there's also the love story
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that is happening on the side so this is personal problems and two directors in getting it from their perspective is israeli and arab. in tests in the fall who writes about movies for cuddy dead the arab culture with side believes that it is easy to play the game of the israeli movie versus the palestinian one. but at the end of the day it's about the art of filmmaking and the academy seems to like oh honey of one side makes movies in no way you of course i will be the conduit is you don't like to call it the game but i've seen the pink candy for the second time because i think she's doing in early august. that is the most it's not more snake and like i owe them money. many artists who are blessed with the talent to find the balance in between. then you ought to stand on this the guy with a
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message and the same time entertainment online. they can be easily viewed on the moats the black african americans from brooklyn with police. one of the original book. the injured. the way he doesn't he's he's finding the national in which the body it is a present in our local problem. the common theme with the goal seems as the debate has been an easy beats looking at this black and white stitch and a deputy of the gop. what is the in breaking the law doesn't he's showing me that the problem is not equivalent to the breakers but the occupation that it's clean them. bill was admits he was quite surprise when he saw two movies were made on the same article published in haaretz newspaper a few years ago. so is the base of the same slowly the tools of beasts meals and going out it's just that and they believe they are limited when
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it listed in defiantly declared seems to be announced. so to moma the detailing of the most genial face. steinberg tries to explain why the academy decided to fable omar over bethlehem. i would say that abu omar earn a love story can offer any nicer grabs you and there they are very beautifully on people in the mayan and that is something that really moves that movie for or tell at twenty two will go smoothly and feel sympathy with dad the emirate. i think it's genius. it's genius when you get when you when you put lights on. bomb on unix to give thanks to think it is very important in society. i don't need to get the gate is opened for us to believe. not just seeking for things but just doing it then don't you know i actually appreciate and according to an eye on them i missed him. so what are the chances of moving from israel all the palestinian authority
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winning an oscar. i would say that generally the films that come out of this region didn't end up with me yesterday that happened once i don't think you can say that yes eventually it'll be a film about the situation that will win that foreign film oscar. or you can say it'll be something completely different light easy. not that the people and not necessarily about politics so my guess is as good as anyone's. israel has been nominated takes is for the foreign language oscar is over the years but has in the one chosen this would be the palestinian authority second oscar nomination with those movies directed by another one honey. abu assad who has lived in the netherlands since the early nineteen eighties the gene one on one jacobson intimately. i rule. do. will
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we to me old. who are it will the is on. it's still a
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the i could. i did. i know it is. move in. mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm. i mean. in it
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you knew and when . then there's optimism by notts morning. be innovative ideas the president or so cannot survive delivered his annual address to the people of kazakhstan this year the president addressed to the people for the eighteenth time. according to the tradition of deputies of the parliament representatives of the government agencies and figures that dissipated announcement of the dress the main theme of the interests of the president was a key objectives of the implementation of


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